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    Sandra (maandag, 02 december 2019 22:50)

    Thank you for a fantastic tattoo! After a session of 10 hours I was speechless. Hoped for a nice tattoo, but this was beyond all my expectations.
    See you next time.

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    Cryzalis (donderdag, 07 november 2019)

    Amazing work Alvaro!, am over the moon with both tattoos. Service above and beyond expectations, extremely professional and friendly. My best tattoo experience! Won't be the last time, see you again soon!

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    Ajenti & Johan (maandag, 22 juli 2019 18:07)

    Wij hebben inmiddels 3 super mooie tattoo's laten zetten door Bojan. Wij gaan nooit meer naar een andere shop. Voelt vertrouwd bij jullie! en aangezien ik de eerste keer best wel angst had heb ik bijna niks gevoeld. Wordt echt tijd voor je genomen.

    Kan niet anders zeggen GREAT shop with GREAT artists!

    Tot snel weer :p

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    Lotte Ophey (donderdag, 30 mei 2019 07:54)

    Have been in the us and canada the last 2 weeks and i was stopped in the street numerous times whenever the beautiful lady on my shoulder was visible �. Spreading the word!

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    Alex (donderdag, 28 december 2017 22:24)

    Great artist, best tattoos, beautiful shop! Well done!

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    Niels (vrijdag, 22 december 2017 21:40)

    Got mine just hours ago, very happy with the results! it really did exceed my expectations, all thanks to Bojan!

    See you guys around!

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    Alejandro (zondag, 22 oktober 2017 21:04)

    Great shop with good artists! Thank you all for the nice experience, I will be coming back to you for my next tattoo session.

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    richard gelens (maandag, 05 juni 2017 20:39)

    Dank je wel voor deze geweldige sessie, wist niet dat ik zolang kon zitten !!
    De start is gemaakt van " a one of a kind piece of art"
    Op naar de volgende afspraak 22juli.

    Groeten de Brabander.

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    Sebastian (maandag, 20 maart 2017 23:12)

    Great work on my tattoo. Looking forward to get more worm done

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    Julie Andriesse (donderdag, 16 maart 2017 13:08)

    Great tattoo artist and a great person! Nicest guy ever to put a needle in your skin :)
    Me and my friend met Alvaro for the first time at Amsterdam Tattoo convention 2016 at his small stand. last week my friend and I went back in Amsterdam for tattoo's and he recognised us immediately And he is still the nicest guy ever!

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    René (maandag, 16 januari 2017 14:32)

    Awesome artist and person, time is not an issue when he's tattooing, the result is primary goal. I Recommend him to everybody who want to have something special.

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    Alice (woensdag, 11 januari 2017 21:17)

    I highly recommend everyone to get a tattoo from Alvaro. You get a unique custom made design, and he really takes the whole day for your tattoo!

    Great job guys!

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    Jen (dinsdag, 20 december 2016 21:39)

    Thanks a lot for my cool tattoo!!!!

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    David (zondag, 11 december 2016 16:27)

    Alvaro did a cover up on me. Very satisfied! I could recommend him for everyone who is looking for a cover up or another cool piece!

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    VJ (zondag, 13 november 2016 19:45)

    Very Profesional, clean, creative and friendly.

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    Raisa (maandag, 03 oktober 2016 23:02)

    It was an awesome experience to get a tattoo done by Alvaro. He really knows how to turn an idea in to an outstanding and unique tattoo. On top of that he is very patient and he gets that choosing a design isn't an easy decision for everyone.

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    JJ (maandag, 03 oktober 2016 22:52)

    Alvaro is my favourite tattoo artist so far! His piece on me gets complimented all the time, and I have an itch to expand it and get more from him because of his unique style. SO MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT <3

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    Herman (maandag, 03 oktober 2016 22:49)

    Alvaro did my tattoo in may. He is a real artist, takes the time designing together and make you feel comfortabel! We spent 6 hours together and had fun. Thx!

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    ole & katja (dinsdag, 20 september 2016 16:55)

    nice website , well done


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    Timothy (dinsdag, 20 september 2016 11:03)

    Respect for this awesome artist.. best in his style!

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    Brian (maandag, 19 september 2016 23:22)

    Thnx a lot for my awesome ink! Will be back for sure with a new project!!