Diaz Delgado Custom Tattoos Delft

Our shop is located in the beautiful city centre of Delft.

A city full of history and art! The city of Johannes Vermeer and Willem van Oranje, the old houses and canals. It's not only worth a visit to see our shop, but also to visit this city. 


Our shop is easy to visit by public transportation and by car. It's a 5 min. walk from Delft Central Station, and there are a lot of parking spaces near by the shop. 

Delft is near by big city's like the Hague and Rotterdam.


We hope to see you soon!

Breestraat 32-34 2611 RG Delft

Whether you have a lot of tattoos, or no tattoos at all, making the decision of getting a new tattoo is a big deal and it should be treated as such. That's why we take every piece we do very seriously and handle with care. Designing a custom tattoo takes creativity, time and a lot of hard work! That's why we work by appointment only


Arnhem 2019

Full Collour #1st place


Nieuwegein 2019

Neo Traditional #1st place

Blackwork #1st place

Best of Saturday #1st place


Zandvoort 2019

Best of Saturday #1st place

Best of Sunday #1st place

Best of show #1st place


Rotterdam 2019

Best Black & Grey #2nd place


Eindhoven 2018

Best color #3rd place


Rotterdam 2018

Best color #3rd place


Maastricht 2018

Best of sunday #2nd place


Amsterdam 2017

Best seminar #1st place


Breda 2017

Avant garde #1st place


Rotterdam 2017

Best color saturday #1st place


The Hague 2016

Best small color #3rd place

Best big color #3rd place

Best dot work #2nd place


Maastricht 2016

Best of Sunday #2nd place

Best dot work #1st place


Alkmaar 2016

Best back piece #1st place


Amsterdam 2015

Best dot work #2nd place 


''I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.''

         -Pablo Picasso-

How we work and what we do.

For a custom tattoo we always work with sessions. A session can take between 6 and 8 hours.


Because input from the client is very important,  we always start every session with a consultation

During this consultation we will talk about ideas and possibilities.


Reference material is important but not necessary. From here we start working together to make the design.


Most of the work is free handed. Because of this, it's important to be familiar with our work, and to keep an open mind during the whole proces. We don't make designs in advance. After care instructions and tips to take care of the tattoo will be provided on the day of the appointment, and basic instructions can be find on this website.


We work with several artist in our shop, so there is always a possibility to get smaller tattoos without a waiting list! 

Smaller tattoos are always welcome!


More questions?

Feel free to contact us!


You can walk in or make a appointment to get pierced.


Our piercer is available on:


Wednesday  11:00 / 18:00

Thursday      11:00 / 18:00

Friday           11:00 / 18:00

Saturday       11:00 / 18:00